Nathaniel’s 4th Birthday 2

I seriously cannot believe this boy has turned 4!  My kids are all growing up!

This year Nathaniel definitely knew what a birthday is and eagerly anticipated his.  He watched Daniel’s in January, Michael’s in March, and Amelia’s in May.  So when we asked what he wanted for his birthday, he knew what to say:  presents, candles, cake, and balloons.  Funny thing is when we asked what he wanted, like what presents, he just signed “presents”.  Or anything we offered, he signed “yes”.

On the morning of his birthday, the other kids and I blew up a bunch of balloons in the family room before Nathaniel got up.  Oh, he was so excited to see those and to know today was finally his happy birthday.  He plowed through the balloons spontaneously signing “party, party, party”.  It was such a joyful moment.


He loved opening his presents, and the other kids were happy when he still needed a little help sometimes.  Its interesting how all ages can find little kid toys fascinating and fun if they are new.



One thing Nathaniel loves about life on the ranch, is how many trucks he gets to see.  Many semi-trucks pass our house each day.  As well as other things like tractors.  So I asked one of the service missionaries here that operates the heavy equipment if he could bring something by for Nathaniel’s birthday.  He did!!  Even though Nathaniel was quite nervous and was signing “no, no, no” when we put him in, I am pretty sure he loved it.  He watched until it was out of sight.  And it was pretty exciting for all the other kids, too!


You can see our horses in the background!



I always debate about making a cake for Nathaniel’s birthday, since he doesn’t eat by mouth.  But he knows what happens on birthdays, so he said he wanted a green cake and candles.  He loved it and signing the happy birthday song.  He loved blowing out the candles, though he can’t really blow forcefully enough out of the trach, and we are still working on getting air out of his mouth, so he had some help for that.  It was just so fun seeing him so happy.

He loves cars, trucks, trains, and planes.  He loves friends.  He wants to go to a friend’s house everyday, or have a friend come over.  During the school year we started having some neighbor boys come over once a week – two brothers that are about exactly one year older and one year younger than Nathaniel.  It has been so fun!  He loves going to church, and especially to primary.  He loves going to school (future post).  And he loves his siblings, just adores them.  And they adore him back.



We are so blessed to have this special boy and it is amazing to see how far he has come in 4 years!




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