Nathaniel and Bear

When Nathaniel was a baby, a therapist suggested we get him a stuffed animal or doll and give it a trach.  So Nathaniel got Caleb.


In the last few months, Nathaniel has started really playing with and taking care of the bear.  It is much easier to sign “bear”, than to spell “Caleb”, so Nathaniel and I just call him Bear.

He likes Bear to wear clothes and do the same thing.  Bear comes with us to the library, shopping, and once we even realized Nathaniel had carried Bear all the way to church without us noticing.


Relaxing with some Signing Time.


Falling asleep together.


Nathaniel helps Bear ride bikes together.


Watching the horses behind our house.


It is so cute!   And with all the kids gone at school all day, its a good thing Nathaniel has Bear for a friend!



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