Cute Nathaniel 1

Just some cute things about Nathaniel these days.

He just loves cars and trucks.  So if anyone comes to our house he wants to watch them drive away.  He did this at our old house, but we lived in a small cul de sac, so the cars were gone fairly quickly.  Now we live more out in the open, and Nathaniel wants to watch until you can’t see the car anymore.  I always have to explain to someone why we are coming outside with them when they leave.  Nathaniel wants to watch you drive away!




You can see that we can see a ways down the road.

Nathaniel is also big on being like his dad right now.  It is so adorable!  Often he follows Darryl around in the morning while he gets ready for work, mimicking everything Darryl does.  Then of course he watches Dad drive away to work.



He tries to be in the exact position as his dad.




I am amazed how happy Nathaniel can be with just a little car.  My other kids were definitely not like this with cars.  I just bring one everywhere we go.  This is at Walmart waiting for a prescription.


(Sorry for the poor quality photos.  From my phone of a moving target makes for blurry pictures much of the time.)

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