Nathaniel Moves to Florida

Nathaniel has done remarkably well with a move across the country.  It started out with staying a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Harrison’s house.  Nathaniel has really gotten to know them lately and has asked for them a few times here.  I don’t know if he understands they are far away, but we are very excited for them to come visit!  He learned a new song from Grandma:  Where is Thumbkin, which he still loves.

The plane ride was something Darryl and I were pretty nervous about, since we had never flown with Nathaniel, and most of our other kids couldn’t remember flying it had been so long.  Nathaniel got to sit between two of his favorite people:  Michael and me!  He did as well as any three year old, probably even better because he doesn’t make noise to yell or cry!


There are a lot of things different for Nathaniel now.  But I must say, he is doing so well with all the change, as are all of the kids.  Its harder on me!  The kids started school very soon after we got here.  School is long, the bus ride is long, and even kindergarten is full day.  So Nathaniel is just home with me for over 8 hours.  I’m sure he misses his pal Michael.  I am working on getting him into the school district preschool for special needs kids, which includes therapies that he needs.

One new thing Nathaniel loves is waiting for the bus to bring home the kids in the afternoon.  We sit on the porch bench and wait and watch.  We usually see trucks and birds and hear frogs.  Lucky Nathaniel gets to do this twice each day, since Kathryn comes on a separate bus a half hour after the other kids.

He was wearing gloves for some unknown reason.  Definitely a 3 year old.


We have had a few afternoons of rain, but that does not deter Nathaniel.  We just put a towel on the bench and he asks for his sweatshirt.


Nathaniel started sleeping in a toddler bed instead of a crib.  It was awesome that he slept in a crib for 3 whole years.  The big boys helped put it together.  They both slept in it, so they are experts.


A big change is that we do not have a home health nurse anymore.  To be quite honest, I have looked forward to this day for a long time.  But it has helped me realize how helpful it was.  The main change for Nathaniel is probably having less one on one time with someone.  And the main change for me is that he comes to all the shopping and errands.

Another big change affecting Nathaniel is that our insurance and medical supply companies changed.  I could write a book about that.  But to make a very frustrating story short, it took awhile to get everything set up.  We were very that we had some extra supplies.  In general you just get exactly a month’s supply, per the insurance.  But a couple of years ago I called and asked the insurance if we could get one extra month of supplies in case of emergency.  We had a case worker that helped with that.  So glad we had those.  Just today we finally got the last piece of equipment, the oxygen concentrator.


Yes, I took a picture and texted it to Darryl, I was so happy.

We have not yet been to any new doctors, but we have a couple scheduled.

I love this picture Darryl took on our way home from a walk on Sunday evening.  The kids in the background are on our driveway, and you can see we live out on the ranch!





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