Cute Nathaniel

Just some cute things about Nathaniel these days. He just loves cars and trucks.  So if anyone comes to our house he wants to watch them drive away.  He did this at our old house, but we lived in a small cul de sac, so the cars were gone fairly quickly.  Now we live more […]

Nathaniel Moves to Florida

Nathaniel has done remarkably well with a move across the country.  It started out with staying a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Harrison’s house.  Nathaniel has really gotten to know them lately and has asked for them a few times here.  I don’t know if he understands they are far away, but we are […]

Happy Anniversary 2

Today, August 12th, is the anniversary of when Nathaniel came home from the NICU! He is just the cutest little guy and is doing so well.  Today we went to Target.  He likes to run ahead.  I know I shouldn’t let him do that, but I am just so happy that we can be out […]

Infant Development Program

We have been truly blessed by the Infant Development Program (IDP) of El Dorado County.  Another blessing, I believe, from being led to live in El Dorado Hills.  We are just inside El Dorado County, instead of Sacramento County.  We would still have had the services in another county, but I was told there are […]

Nate the Great

I wrote some of this post back in April, but didn’t finish.  So here it is! Nathaniel has really been doing great.  Recently we let him try to say (sign) a prayer by himself and he did it!  It was so precious.  We have since called on him occasionally to pray.  He has been thankful […]

Being Different 2

I kind of go in cycles of wanting Nathaniel to do as many “normal” things as possible, and being just fine with his differences.  For a long time I really wanted him to eat all of his food while he is awake during the day.  And then sleep lying down in his crib both for […]

Busy Month 1

Just when things seemed to be slowing down (only a couple of dr appointments in October and a couple in November), December kept Nathaniel quite busy. It has now been 2 full years since his ear tubes were placed, and we have been expecting them to come out for the last 6 months.  At our […]

None, zero, zilch, nada

Right now Nathaniel does not eat anything by mouth.  In the past we have given him “tastes” of milk or baby food, but currently he gets everything via g-tube.  And when I say “tastes”, I mean up to 1 teaspoon a day.  So its not really eating, just trying to help him learn to swallow. […]

2 Year Old Nathaniel

The other day Nathaniel’s nurse said, “He’s being a 2 year old today!”  Here are some 2 year old pictures of Nathaniel. “Helping” with laundry. He loves sitting outside in this chair. Needs sunglasses because his eyes are so sensitive to the bright sun. Doing everything big kids do. Focusing with tongue out. And the […]


Nathaniel is not able to speak and we don’t ever hear his voice.  He is perhaps the best 2 year old to have at church!  He does sign “go” a lot and climbs around. Nathaniel has learned a lot of American Sign Language (ASL) signs.  Darryl and I were curious a couple weeks ago so […]